Featured Artist: Ace Boogie

Featured Artist: Ace Boogie


December 2nd, 2014

Us: What inspired you to make music?

Ace Boogie: From the 1st time I stepped into the studio I knew this is what i was suppose to do. The reaction I’ve gotten from fans and my supporters let me know without a doubt making music that people can relate to and understand is my purpose in life. To tell the story of people who come from the same struggle as me, stories about the hustle, the grind, coming from nothing turning it into something.

Us: Who are your biggest influences and why?

Ace Boogie: I would have to honestly say although I have a lot of artist who inspired me to create powerful music, my biggest influences come from my life in general. My own personal trails and tribulations and from my peers who represent the same grind I come from. Musically, i would have to mention some of my favorite artist like Lloyd Banks, who is my top fav because of his consistent fire bars. Peedi Crackk because of his delivery. Jay Z because of his ability to go off the top and spit fire. Als, his grind with putting out consistent music. 50 cent because of his business mind. The Loxs because of their ability to stay connected with the streets. With me being a southern boy, I have to salute artist like Lil Wayne who is also my fav because of his grind and work ethic. He works all the time, no days off. He stays in the studio. Truthfully, the whole Cash Money Records. The list goes on, but my biggest influence honestly is myself. My life, my own battles I had to overcome since my birth. I wasn’t suppose to live. I was a tiny premi. The doctors and nurses actually called me a miracle baby. Lol

Us: What do you want your fans to hear from your music?

Ace Boogie: I want to connect with my fans. I want them to be able to get through rough times with my music. I want to connect with my fans on a more personal level through my music. It’s real and it’s relatable to people like me on their grind in that struggle, starting from the bottom, hustling to the top no matter what life throws at them. Whether you are in the streets or on you’re legal hustle you can relate to my music. That’s because I don’t make music to follow trends. I make music from the soul. That is why in my opinion people respect my music it comes from a special place within

Us: What can we expect what are you working on what do you have coming out?

Ace Boogie: You can expect a lot of real, fire music with dope beats to rock to, blended with some off the wall fire bars coming from your boy. I have a single called Hype Music due to drop on iTunes, Google Play and a few other spots in the next few weeks. This will be followed by a mixtape called Show & Prove, due out this summer, maybe sooner, which the title explains it all. Also, I have a lot of projects I’m working on with a few artist. I fucked with a few mixtapes, a few EPs, so you’re going to hear a lot from me soon. I work hard at what i do to keep it real. I like to work on a few projects at one time, so when the timing is right I can flood the streets with great quality music. Basically, I’m just putting out great music that people can escape reality with for the time being. Something like a lyrical high so to speak (LoL). I work hard and right from within so it will show in my music. There’s is no question that my day one fans know that Ace spit for real. Nothing less now. It’s time to show & prove to the rest of the world that I am more than ready to do so!!!

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