Featured Artist: CHEFA100GRVNDS

Featured Artist: CHEFA100GRVNDS


September 16th, 2016

We recently sat down with CHEFA100GRVNDS to learn more about his music.

Us: How did you come up with your artist name?
CHEFA100GRVNDS: Well, with me being a stoner i was going by the name Chefa (like reefer), but since I’m about getting paid I added 100GRVNDS to it. Sounds cooler too lol.

Us: What inspired you to start making music?
CHEFA100GRVNDS: I started off listening to stuff like 36 mafia of course being from Memphis. So that really introduced me to hip hop scene. It’s crazy when I was younger I hated loud music, my older sister would always play Gangsta Boo on blast
And I would get mad because I couldn’t hear my TV lmao. I got into recording and taking music seriously when me and my cousin LoLo (who was from Chicago) started a group Called FlyStarMobb. 4 months ago my cousin LoLo was shot and killed in Chicago and that’s been my new inspiration. Working on a mixtape titled “LoLo” dedicated to him.

Us: Who is/are your biggest influence(s) and why?
CHEFA100GRVNDS: Lil Wayne is by far the biggest but I fuck with a lot of people’s shit like Lil uzi, future, Drake, Lucci, and a few more.

Us: What do you want your fans to feel when they hear your music?
CHEFA100GRVNDS: I just want my fans feel care free with no worries. I make fun tracks sometimes outside of trap/finesse music. Like Fuck Draymond and Fuck Dwade.

Us: What can we expect from you? What are you working on? What do you have coming out?
CHEFA100GRVNDS: LoLo project coming hella soon, a lot of videos, and I’m expanding working with more artists from all over.

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