Featured Artist: Cooli Highh

Featured Artist: Cooli Highh


June 3rd, 2016

We recently sat down with Cooli Highh to learn more about him and his recent mixtape “Great Balance“.

Us: How did you come up with your artist name?

Cooli Highh: I got my name from bumping Camp Lo . They had a track Cooley high and I want to be classic or a staple in music like the old school movie. I just added my own spin to it.

Us: What inspired you to start making music?

Cooli Highh: I started wanting to make music, because of my big brother haha. Shout out my bro recording on the cassette tapes man.

Us: Who is/are your biggest influence(s) and why?

Cooli Highh: Biggest influence in music… Andre 3000, Qtip, Jay z, 2Pac, Prince, Curren$y, Outkast, ATCQ, Camp Lo. They have a great work ethic man.

Us: What do you want your fans to feel when they hear your music?

Cooli Highh: Man I want them to feel energy. I leave a part of myself on every song with something I’m going through or have been through. I hope my past and future can help guide someone going through something .

Us: What can we expect from you? What are you working on? What do you have coming out?

Cooli Highh: Well so far this year I dropped the Great Balance, 24 hrs, Reefer and Booze. I have 48 hrs , Unorthodox Raps , and Reefer and Booze 2 dropping this year!

Us: Man, you’re definitely putting in work. We hope that you decide to drop your new mixtapes on KeepROCKingIt.com as well. We appreciate your time Cooli Highh. Be sure to show your support by streaming, downloading, and Powering Up his new mixtape “Great Balance.”

This is a pic of rapper Cooli Highh

This is a pic of Cooli Highh

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