Review of O’s To Oscars by Juicy J

Review of O’s To Oscars by Juicy J

KRI Review Team

December 15th, 2015

Juicy J recently released a new mixtape entitled “O’s To Oscars.” So, we gave it a listen. Here’s what we thought about it:

Our Take

If you’re a fan of Juicy J, then this mixtape is for you. Juicy J holds true to his style throughout this entire project. This mixtape features top rated trap/crunk producers. Full of 808’s and catchy hooks, O’s To Oscars is classic Juicy J. If you’re in search of a lyrically driven record, this is not it. This is a sub-woofer banging, down-south rapping outing that will have you bobbing your head. Some tracks fell a little flat conceptually, but the production and Juicy’s flow made up for it. We recommend you check out this mixtape if you like trap music.

Favorite Track

Our top track is “I Ain’t Fukin Witcha” featuring Logic. The production by Wondagurl was by far the best in the entire mixtape. Not to mention, Logic dropped a fire 16 and really added a different dimension to a Juicy J track.


The production was the highlight of this project. Sonny Digital, Wondagurl, Lex Lugger, and TM88 all showcased their signature trap sound. They provided a solid platform for Juicy J to do what he does best, make fans bob their heads.

Our Rating



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