Review of Cabin Fever 3 by Wiz Khalifa

Review of Cabin Fever 3 by Wiz Khalifa

KRI Review Team

December 17th, 2015

Wiz Khalifa recently dropped a his latest installment of his Cabin Fever mixtape series. We gave Cabin Fever 3 a listen. Here’s what we think.

Our Take

Cabin Fever 3 was a good outing by Wiz Khalifa. The tracks seemed to be in a solid order to allow each track to flow smoothly. As he often does, Wiz came with some great lyrics and delivered them well. Overall, production receives a grade of an A-. Sonny Digital provided the sounds on many of the tracks on this mixtape and for the most part he delivered. Compared to the past two installments of Cabin Fever, this is our least favorite. With the reputation that Wiz has created for himself, we expected more from him. If you are looking for new music to jam out to, we recommend you play this mixtape at least once. After two consecutive listens, we felt we had heard everything Wiz wanted us to hear with this mixtape.

Favorite Track

The hardest track by far is Call Again. This song features rapper Problem and is produced by Easy Mo Bee. The beat is smooth and has a West Coast vibe to it. Wiz Khalifa spit some fire on this track and provided us with a great song to ride to. At the end of the track, Juicy J went to church. He preached on how dudes need to quit hoping and wishing for money, they need to get on a real grind. It was rather informative and very hilarious. Definitely give this song a few listens.

Least Favorite Track

Shit Starter didn’t really do anything for us. It fell flat and added zero value to the overall mixtape. Wiz seems to be focused on things that can get things started (pills, weed, etc). The beat was fairly average and we would’ve thought an artist of Wiz’s caliber would have a better produced track.

Our Rating


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