Review of The Kanan Tape by 50 Cent

Review of The Kanan Tape by 50 Cent

KRI Review Team

December 15th, 2015

50 Cent recently released a new mixtape entitled “The Kanan Tape.” So, we gave it a listen. Here’s what we thought about it.

Our Take

This was a very solid outing by the legendary 50 Cent. There was a mixture of his old style and today’s sound. In a world where many artists feel that they have to completely change their sound in order to remain relevant, it was a relief to hear that 50 didn’t do that on this mixtape. 50 enlisted the help of Lil Boosie, Young Buck, Post Malone, & Sonny Digital. Each featured artists provided their own unique flavor to their respective tracks and didn’t hinder the sound. We definitely recommend you listening to this mixtape. It only contains 7 tracks, but it will leave you wanting more.

Favorite Track

This was definitely hard to select since this mixtape is full of great records. But, our favorite track will have to be “Body Bag.” This was true 50 cent. 50 released great bars over a beautiful sampled East Coast type beat.

Least Favorite Track

We felt the only miss was “Tryna Fuck Me Over.” The production was subpar and the concept fell short. Possibly with a better instrumental, this song could easily be removed as our least favorite track.

Our Rating



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