Audio Villains – Enigma

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The Audio Villains aka “The AV Boys” are two independent martianic ? music producers from the left side of the united states. This newly formed group is equipped with high energetic sounds and entertaining lyrics that are sure to please the humans of Earth. This producing duo consists of “Dubrock” and “S.Class”, who met in the streets of Hollywood ? CA during a shootout ? outside of Supper Club. Luckily, none of them were injured. Their two unique personalities and musical ? backgrounds fused together to create a combination of Rap, Rock, R&B Trance and ironicly Underground Pop, which they entitled “Hypno”! Their sound is insane and hits from all areas of the spectrum. hypno is starting to have the city of Los Angeles buzzin ? like a loose power line! You think I’m lying?! Check out their album below and listen for yourself. These guys are the future, trust me, so be the first to tell your peeps at work or school that you’RE HIP TO ” The AV Boys”. Humans you must support talent of the future…you will definitely be entertained! ? Follow them on Instagram at @theavboys, they follow back too!

Dropped on Jul 21, 2016 | Last Week: #146 | Genre: Rap

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