How do I sell my music?

If you own the rights to your music (lyrics and instrumental/production), you have the option to sell your mixtape and/or single on our website. You can sell your mixtape/single from $.10 to $1. You will receive 60% of the download revenue instantly in your Artist Portal. If you select to offer your music for sale, we are responsible for paying to have your music hosted. In order to keep things fair for both parties, we require you to have a minimum of 200 downloads within 30 days of your mixtape/single release. If you fail to meet this minimum, we will contact you about changing your music to a free download. The cost to offer your music for free is $10 for a mixtape and $1 for a single. If you fail to pay the fee and you still haven’t met the minimum download requirement by the 45th day of your mixtape/single release, we will remove your music and you will have to re-upload.

How much does KeepROCKingIt.com payout to artists?

As an artist using our platform, you will receive $.06 x the price of for every download you receive. You can cash out your current balance once it reaches $10. Use the information below to determine the credit cost for your music releases.

  • $.10 earns you $.06 per download

  • $.20 Credits earns you $.12 per download

  • $.30 Credits earns you $.18 per download

  • $.40 Credits earns you $.24 per download

  • $.50 Credits earns you $.30 per download

  • $.60 Credits earns you $.36 per download

  • $.70 Credits earns you $.42 per download

  • $.80 Credits earns you $.48 per download

  • $.90 Credits earns you $.54 per download

  • $1 Credits earns you $.60 per download

  • Artist will receive 60% of whatever the guest price is at the time of purchase

What is the Power Index?

The Power Index is a special indicator used to determine which music release is the most popular for the week.

How does the Power Index work?

Using a special formula, the Power Index is comprised of weekly plays, weekly downloads, and weekly Power Ups. The music release with the highest Power Index will secure the top spot on the Music Chart. After every play, download, and/or Power Up the Power Index is updated.

What is a Power Up?

The Power Up is a unique way to have fans engage and support a music release. All registered members will receive 1 free Power Up to use freely on any music release. After the use of the free Power Up, users must wait 24 hrs to receive another free Power Up. Registered users and non-registered users have the opportunity to purchase Power Ups for a small fee of $.50/Power Up. An unlimited amount of Power Ups can be purchased and used on any release.

What is the weekly award?

The weekly award is your music’s artwork as the background throughout the entire site (except for music pages with custom backgrounds) for an entire 24 hours advertising your award winning music. This promotion is worth over $1,000 but we are willing to give it away to the artist that is hardworking and most deserving. We created this award so that there is an incentive to have your fans engage and Power Up your music. While other sites use your hard-work as a way to charge for advertising, we rather pass some of our financial gains to you in the form of free promotion.

How do you win the weekly award?

This award will be given to the artist that held the number one spot on the Music Chart right before it resets each week. How do you know if your music has won? Your music will have “last week: 1″underneath their current chart position. If you win, your custom background will be placed throughout the site and a congratulatory tweet will be sent.

Are there any other weekly awards?

Music that held the #1-5 spots on the Music Chart the previous week will be showcased in our weekly newsletter. This provides everyone an incentive to try and reach the top 5.

What is the KRI music chart?

The Music Chart allows for the most popular releases of the week to receive the recognition that they deserve. Based on the Power Index, the Music Chart actively updates when a user streams, downloads, and/or Power Ups a release.

What is a verified account?

Any account with a blue verified badge on their Keep ROCKing It profile is a verified account.

Why does KeepROCKingIt.com verify accounts?

Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of musicians/artists who are currently active on the site.

What kind of accounts are verified?

Keep ROCKing It verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they’re looking for. We concentrate on musicians and artists who are currently active on the site.

Why hasn't my account been verified?

Your application may still be under review.

How do I know if an account is verified?

The verified badge will appear next to a user’s name on their profile page. It will also appear next to a user’s name in searches for people on Keep ROCKing It.
If the verified badge appears anywhere else on a user’s profile page (such as in the avatar or the background) it is not a verified account.
The verified badge cannot be used unless it is provided by Keep ROCKing It. Accounts using a badge as part of profile pictures, background images, or in any way implying false verification will be permanently suspended.
The verified badge will have the same color even if users have customized their profile page theme colors.

Do verified accounts have access to extra features?

Yes, verified account holders have access to the following extra features:

They are able to submit their music for posting on Keep ROCKing It as well as post new in the Artists News section of the website.

Can an account lose its verified status?

Changing certain profile information (such as the @ username) will result in the removal of a verified badge. That account will automatically be reviewed again to ensure it is eligible for verification.

An account may also lose its verified status if it violates the Keep ROCKing It Rules or Terms of Service.

Previously verified accounts may not be eligible to have their badges restored.

What are the types of memberships?

Visit our registration page to learn more about the types of memberships we currently offer.

Do I have to be a member to download music?

No, you do not need to be a member to download music. If the music is listed as “free,” then you can download regardless of being a member or not. If the download is listed for sale, then you will either pay the member price (which is usually lower) or the guest price (which is higher than the member price). You immediately save if you are a member, but we understand that sometimes people do not like to waste time on registering.

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