Featured Artist: Lauo MFM

Featured Artist: Lauo MFM


September 9th, 2016

We recently sat down with Lauo MFM to learn more about him and his music.


Us: How did you come up with your artist name?

Lauo MFM: Lauo witch is pronounced Low and MFM is the initials of my partner Ralph Jack and i have called MIddle Fanga Musix. i really wanted to keep the name Low witch everyone knows me by but wanted to be different so i spell it that way.


Us: What inspired you to start making music?

Lauo MFM: First it was my cousin Steven he goes by Sonny Lansky from Bronx NY. He and my other cousin would come down to Danville VA for the summer and he would alway be freestyling, we where around the ages 11 and 12 at the time. I fell inlove with it and began to dig more into being influenced by HiP-Hop.


Us: Who is/are your biggest influence(s) and why?

Lauo MFM: Off the rip I’m going to say Biggie just off his stories, lyricism and style. Big L for his crazy punchlines, 2 Pac for his passion and thinking deep, becoming a rebel. Of course Jay-z because of his flows, the stories he told and the way he built a dynasty. I got to J.Cole aswel, he went off his faith and knew what he wanted to do, we some what have the same story to tell. I cant forget about Nas, he a fool with the lyrics too and also Kanye for be a creator of art within music and proving everyone wrong. Those are some of my music influences, I have plenty more.


Us: What do you want your fans to feel when they hear your music?

Lauo MFM: I want my fans to feel the realness, I speak for the people who go threw the same situations, I really give the reality of things and life in my music I want them to feel that, I want them to know I’m with them to motivate, and also let them know we still gone have a good time and live aside of the trials we go threw.


Us: What can we expect from you? What are you working on? What do you have coming out?

Lauo MFM: Right now you can expect more visuals, more music. What I have coming soon is a project called The Product: No Vision. I don’t have a date for this project yet but it’s done, the info on that will be posted at another time.



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