Keep ROCKing It Sponsors Blind Rapper NovaCain’s Musical Journey

Keep ROCKing It Sponsors Blind Rapper NovaCain’s Musical Journey


August 10th, 2016

Top source for mixtapes for download and streaming offers its first sponsorship opportunity to blind rapper NovaCain from Evansville, IN.

Keep ROCKing It (, a leading source for mixtape download and streaming, announced to music fans everywhere that blind rapper, NovaCain, is the first artist to receive a sponsorship contract from the revolutionary website.

As oppose to offering recording contracts to artists, Keep ROCKing It is staying true to its revolutionary business model by offering independent artists sponsorships. A sponsorship from Keep ROCKing It provides artists with financial assistance towards marketing, advertising, and promotion. In return, artists become official spokespeople for Keep ROCKing It. With a deal structured in this manner, the sponsored artist is not bound to Keep ROCKing It and can seek a recording contract with a major label if they choose to do so.

“In an industry where other websites simply reinvent the wheel, we dare to be different,” says Keep ROCKing It’s President/CEO Mike P. “We have created a platform for artists to generate revenue from the release of their mixtape and/or single. In this industry, mixtapes and singles were commonly given away for free and considered ‘promotional materials.’ As we all know, recording a single and definitely recording a mixtape is not cheap. It’s not fair for an independent artist to feel obligated to spend thousands of dollars just to give it all away for free.”

“Luckily, we found NovaCain right before desperation overcame him and he began giving away his work of art. Due to him having over 300k plays on SoundCloud, we knew that he was a special talent and perfect to represent our company. Though we are taking a chance on NovaCain, he is equally taking a chance on us by giving us the ability to exclusively host and sell his single ‘Snapchat Party’ through our revolutionary download feature.”
Keep ROCKing It and NovaCain have developed a unique marketing plan that allows Nova to control the vision he has for his music career. They have also agreed on the price of one download credit per download for his single ‘Snapchat Party.’ One download credit is the monetary equivalent of $.10. NovaCain will directly receive 60% of all revenue generated from the download of ‘Snapchat Party.’

Listen to Snapchat Party and support NovaCain by downloading today.

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