NovaCain’s Journey As A Sponsored Artist


The Sponorship

In 2016, NovaCain was the first independent artist to get over 25,000 downloads on his single Snapchat Party, this immediately caught our attention. So, we contacted NovaCain and once we heard his story, we decided to offer him a sponsorship. Our offer was $10k marketing campaign behind one song, in exchange for 20% of all money he earns on the single and him being our spokesperson. After sitting on the offer for a couple of days, NovaCain decided that a sponsorship from us was exactly what he needed for his next single.  With this sponsorship came responsibility for both us and NovaCain. We were entrusted to help NovaCain expand his reach beyond his local market. So, we sat down a crafted a unique plan for his next single.


The Plan

NovaCain decided that his next single was going to be “I Should Have Went To College.” We immediately agreed that this song was exactly what the market needed and with its catchy sound it can be just the song that will help him reach the next level. After doing a lot of studying about Facebook and Spotify, we decided to craft a plan centered around building a solid Facebook fanbase and promote the Spotify link for the song. So, we began building NovaCain’s page organically and increased his fanbase from 200 followers to over 30k followers. This fan page building began approximately two months prior to the release of the song, so that his new fans will develop an understanding of his mission.


The Release

After mixing and mastering “I Should Have Went To College,” we worked closely with NovaCain to help him craft the artwork for the song. Since the song is talking about NovaCain’s reasons for not going to college, we felt that a cover incorporating graduation was clever. Thankfully our graphic designer was able to take our idea and make it come to life. On January 3, 2017, we officially released “I Should Have Went To College” on our site and Spotify. Why only those two platforms? Well, NovaCain expressed that his success rate on iTunes and other digital download platforms has been low. He felt that the music game is moving towards being predominately streamed and felt that his newly acquired fans would be more likely to click play on Spotify, that click buy on iTunes. So, we totally agreed. After it’s release, “I Should Have Went To College” began garnering the type of attention we hoped for. As of March 1, 2017, “I Should Have Went To College” has amassed 833k streams on Spotify and over 16k downloads on our site. Wow! Not bad for only 2 months of promotion.


The Interviews

After the release of the song, we began distributing press releases on NovaCain’s behalf, which began attracting major media attention. We knew that we could get the music blogs, but we wanted to go after news outlets that could seriously break his music. Watch his interviews below.

The Black History Month Parade ATL

On February 25, 2017, NovaCain peformed in ATL at the Black History Month Parade. We helped secure this performance for him and were very pleased when he was asked to actually be a part of the actual parade. He was accompanied by his wife and god sister as he rode through ATL. Later that day, he performed “I Should Have Went To College” and “Life of A Blind Guy.” After stepping off the stage, he was quickly approached by music mangers and new fans.



The Show

On March 17, 2017, NovaCain co-headlined The St. Patrick’s Day Bash with platinum recording artist Kirko Bangz. He negotiated a booking fee of $2,500 to perform at this show. Before we agreed to sponsor NovaCain, we knew ultimately we wanted him to perform with major artist and pay him to perform. We didn’t want him to perform for free, nor did we want him to pay us to perform. Since he was going to be the face of our brand, we wanted to make sure we took care of him. We are looking forward to hosting more concerts with major artists and paying NovaCain to perform at each one.

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