Sia and Adele are now “ALIVE”

Sia and Adele are now “ALIVE”


October 2nd, 2015

Sia released a brand new single: “Alive”, co-written by Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr. Released September 26th 2015 to the public after a 7 a.m. snapchat premiere, This is the lead single from her upcoming album: “This is Acting”.

The single incorporates the same powerful throat-cracking vocals from her 2014 hit Chandelier and what are very noticeable are the lyrics written by Adele. Adele is back in the studio working on her highly anticipated album, 25 after a 2-year hiatus after the birth of her son, Angelo. After not wanting to use Alive for her album, it was offered to Rihanna but was also rejected.

Personally I think Sia adds great exhibition because the song is a powerhouse song. Sia credits Adele describing the song, “was about Adele’s life”. If Adele is writing lyrics like this song, I am even more excited for the album, rumored to be released in late November. Also, for more vocals from Sia in her upcoming album, Great Job ladies.

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